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When the Heart Chakra shuts down

“Imagine a person trying to protect their heart region. We’d see a person crossing his arms in front of his heart, shoulders hunched forward. If you observe carefully, this is exactly the posture the shoulders have in people suffering from shoulder pain.”

The heart chakra is our portal to love. When the flow of love is blocked, the heart chakra shuts down. Today’s article highlights the link between an imbalanced heart chakra and shoulder pain and also teaches you a simple exercise to open your heart and heal the pain.

Healing the Heart

Closing the heart down keeps the pain out, but also the love. It becomes harder to accept as well as to show love.We shut our hearts down because of an underlying belief that opening our heart up can bring us pain. The solution over here lies not in replacing this belief with another, because love and hurt do go hand in hand, but in healing our fear of getting hurt. A dedicated sportsman experiences plenty of hard work, plenty of pain, maybe even injuries, but that doesn’t bother him, because the sport also brings him joy. It is the same with opening up the heart. Yes it will bring pain. It will also bring love, joy, togetherness, and in its ultimate flowering, infinite bliss.
  • Create a sacred space, maybe light a few candles, lamps, or incense.
  • Bring into your awareness a situation where you are afraid of getting hurt. This could be a real incident or an imagined one. Become aware of the feelings this situation brings up.
  • Stay with the pain, drop the resistance to it.
  • Embrace the pain, breathe into it, breathing in love.
  • Start your full body Reiki healing, starting with the heart chakra.
Regular practice of this exercise will help you be more open and loving. Your shoulders will start to straighten up by themselves, and the pain will disappear.  

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