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The Nodes in the Houses: Gifts and Lessons

The Nodes in the Houses: Gifts and Lessons

The North and South Nodes are two points on the Moon. In astrology, these points are considered indicators of karma, lessons, and overall themes within the life.

The South Node marks what we already know. Some see this as lessons we have already learned in our past lives, so we don’t need to learn them again. The sign this Node falls in reveals the energies and knowledge already within us, but it can also reveal our weaknesses. For those who don’t believe in past lives, this is often seen as the lessons we learn quickly, or in childhood.

The North Node, also known as the True Node, marks the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. The sign this Node falls in reveals what challenges and difficult positions we will be faced with in this life. This is a director, pointing us towards our ultimate destiny or purpose.

Because these Nodes are perfectly opposite, they will fall in opposing houses (ie. the 1st and the 7th, 2nd and the 8th, etc). You can find interpretations of the Nodes in the signs here.

  • North Node in the 1st House and South Node in the 7th House

Lessons: Be authentic, find your identity, overcome the traumas and challenges of your early life, form a self that is separate from others, and learn how to take the lead
Gifts: A strong understanding of partnership, generosity, diplomacy, charisma, and talents with communication and collaboration
Weaknesses: Dependency, inability to separate the self from others, altering the self to appease others

  • North Node in the 2nd House and South Node in the 8th House

Lessons: Develop your values, balance material and spiritual matters in your life, support yourself and be self-sufficient
Gifts: Insight and intuition, spiritual connections, understanding of spiritual and occult matters, the ability to handle and accept death as a part of life
Weaknesses: Inability to trust others, reliance on others, manipulative behavior, using sex as a tool, and a tendency towards abuse of one’s power

  • North Node in the 3rd House and South Node in the 9th House

Lessons: Listen to others and seek to gather information always, balance the abstract and the solid ideas in your life, communicate
Gifts: Strong morals, intellectual, strong curiosity, lifelong learner, charm, focus, and drive
Weaknesses: Condescending, self-righteous,  over-confident, unable to accept criticism, possess a tendency to jump to conclusions, struggle with commitment and responsibility

  • North Node in the 4th House and South Node in the 10th House

Lessons: Both emotional and financial security are key in life, allow yourself to rest, focus on your own emotional needs and those of others, and build your “family”
Gifts: Ambitious, driven, hardworking, unwavering determination, embracing tradition, a natural leader
Weaknesses: Easily lose sight of what’s important, work themselves too hard, struggles with authority, relies too greatly on the recognition and opinions of others

  • North Node in the 5th House and South Node in the 11th House

Lessons: Creativity is your most powerful tool, think positively and focus on optimism over pessimism, embrace your inner child, taking risks can be worth it in the end
Gifts: Awareness of the community around you, networking skills, and an ability to befriend others with ease
Weaknesses: Giving into the desires of others, fear of commitment and intimacy, emotional detachment

  • North Node in the 6th House and South Node in the 12th House

Lessons: How to care for your physical body and the mind, stand up for yourself and put your needs first sometimes, you must care for yourself before you can truly care for others, how to stay organized
Gifts: Selflessness, intuition, creativity, highly imaginative, spirituality and morals
Weaknesses: Inability to stand up for yourself, lack of common sense, lack of drive, martyr

  • North Node in the 7th House and South Node in the 1st House

Lessons: Learn how to live selflessly, embrace partnership and cooperation, stand up and support others
Gifts: Confidence, self-awareness, self-control and discipline, adaptability
Weaknesses: Selfishness, struggle with social situations and sometimes social anxiety, lacks awareness of others and their needs and emotions

  • North Node in the 8th House and South Node in the 2nd House

Lessons: How to wield your power over others in constructive ways, how to constantly evolve to always be your very best, embrace change instead of fearing it, and embrace intimacy without sacrificing yourself
Gifts: Stability, disciplined and focused, common sense, an awareness of responsibility and security
Weaknesses: Being a source of support for others constantly but also being unwilling to accept support in return, fear of change, rigidity

  • North Node in the 9th House and South Node in the 3rd House

Lessons: Explore the world around you, learning is a lifelong experience, focus on the big picture, be bold and honest
Gifts: Powerful communication skills, adaptability, ingenuity, networking skills
Weaknesses: Losing the self in others, adapting too much, infidelity, a tendency to simply tell others what they want to hear or to outright lie because it’s easier

  • North Node in the 10th House and the South Node in the 4th House

Lessons: Authority is not always negative, embrace independence in all forms, you can’t support everyone, and focus on your self-esteem and confidence
Gifts: Defending the self and others, nurturing, emotional intelligence, a strong sense of empathy
Weaknesses: Dependency, inability to let go of the past, self-esteem relies on the approval of others

  • North Node in the 11th House and the South Node in the 5th House

Lessons: Connecting with others is key, love comes in many forms, how to use your imagination and leadership skills for others
Gifts: Optimism, passion, creativity, leadership skills, generous with love and affection
Weaknesses: Easily caught up in drama, stubbornness, hedonistic, selfish, always putting themselves before others

  • North Node in the 12th House and the South Node in the 6th House

Lessons: Explore your own psyche, look at the big picture, face the unconscious issues you carry with you instead of suppressing them
Gifts: Attention for detail, hardworking, thoughtful, awareness of health, self-discipline
Weaknesses: Unaware of their own limits, highly critical of themselves and others, micromanaging


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