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Palo Santo??? Hard to say or what 🤷😂

Teaching the children about White Sage and a Palo Santo.

Palo Santo, or the “holy wood”, is used to enhance spiritual practices, dissolve negative energy, and combat unwanted entities. Palo Santo is a mix of pine, cedar, and citrus.

Some Uses for Palo Santo

  • Cleansing Your Energetic Fields With Palo Santo
  • Palo Santo creates smoke that can help remove negative influences that are the root of many problems.
  • Palo Santo can alleviate flu symptoms and headaches. While it may not treat the flu entirely, it will help with the sinuses’ decongestion.
  • Palo Santo is well known for diminishing negative emotions like depression, anxiety, and stress. It helps raise your vibration and supports the transition into a state of relaxation.
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Say Palo Santo

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