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Lost City of Atlantis in San Pedro California

In San Pedro, California. There is this place called sunken city. Several decades ago, there was a landslide causing all the houses on the cliff to fall into the ocean. Now what’s left are ruins of roads, broken pipes, and beautiful graffiti art. Artists from the area have been entering this unknown place for years. Every inch of the ruins is covered in graffiti. If you love street art, this is the place for you. This place will give you the closest look at what a post apocalyptic world may look like. 

Location: 500 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA, 90731

Summary: Due to a landslide, this area has sunk into the ocean. Although it is gated off, it’s up to your adventurous spirits to go explore it. Below is more information on how to enjoy the Sunken City.

Good To Know

– This place is slippery and steep. Be prepared for some climbing. If you’re wearing the right shoes, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

– It is illegal and considered trespassing for entering the sunken city. Please note that you are at your own risk.

What To Bring

 Treat this like a typical hike. Wear either hiking shoes or running shoes. Whatever you wear just make sure that it holds on to surface well. 

– Water, duh!

– CAMERA. If you don’t bring something to capture this amazing place with, you will really regret it

– Books! It’s a great quiet place to read

– Courage; well you’re about to break some laws so…

How To Get In

– When you get there, you will notice that it’s a park. Go ahead and park where ever you want. 

– Then to the left side of the parking lot pass the cafe, you will see a huge gate that is locked up. There’s also fence all around it blocking you from entering. You can look through the fence and see a huge empty space, the Sunken City is below that. 

– To the right of the gate, you will need to spot for the little hole that has been dug by someone. You can see what it looks like above. To get to the other side of the gate, you will need to crawl through it. There is no other way unless you want to climb over the huge fence. 

Once You’re In… Now What?

– Yes, it is stressful and nerve wrecking that you’re going to have to ignore the trespassing sign to explore this amazing place. Once you gather enough courage and crawl through the hole, you will feel so much more relief

– Congratulations! now you’re on the other side. Take a deep breath, then walk or run across the open field away from the gate. You will see the Sunken City right below the cliff. 

– Walking down there is not hard, but you will need to be careful. Please don’t fall. 

– Now it’s time to explore. Just let your adventurous spirit carry you away! 

– Take some pictures

– Look at the ocean! No one is looking at the same view as you… unless there are other people there. 

– Hangout, sit around, and just relax!

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Redondo Beach Drive
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