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How can Reiki help you when you find yourself agitated….

How can Reiki help you when you find yourself agitated, angry or in the midst of conflict? Can it help you in group gatherings, conference halls and parties? Can it instill peace and harmony in your day to day life and social interactions?
Today’s article by Reiki Master Ashwita Vajandar answers all these questions and more. Enjoy!
xoxo Love and Light!
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Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master

This is a really effective and quick method for flooding people and situations with energy when we feel the need for a sudden energy boost. We might want to use it if we feel that a situation might go out of hand, of if we’re interacting with someone who is either angry or upset with us, or just sucking out our energy.

The Method

Imagine Reiki pour into the top of your head, filling up your whole body with energy. Once your body is full, imagine that it starts to radiate the excess energy outwards, towards the person(s) in front of you, the whole room, or the situation.

The Idea

Life throws us many situations that might find us on the backfoot. No matter what the situation, problems either begin or worsen if we give in to the reactions coming up within us. Flooding not only clears out our energy system, it also clears out the energy of the people in question, thereby creating a space for a calm and peaceful resolution.

Where we can use it

Here are some examples where flooding can be very useful:

  • If you find yourself trying to reason with a person who is swept away by emotion (eg. angry, hysterical or being unreasonable), this method can be quite helpful.
  • When you have to meet someone(s) who dislikes you or makes you uncomfortable.
  • When you have to address a group of people – in classrooms, in theatres, or in meetings and conference halls.
  • For gatherings, parties and celebrations to go smoothly, flood the entire room with pink and green energies before the event, and then continue flooding the room at periodic intervals until it is over.
  • While watching the news – when we feel agitated about the actions of people we haven’t met, that is a very good time to practice some flooding. Not only will it clear out any negativity you might have picked up but who knows, it might bring about some healing and some change in the person the news is about.

Bear in Mind

Using this technique is not about controlling someone. If that is the primary intention behind the flooding, then it might not be effective. Remember that we are first cleansing ourselves, so let that wash away any apprehensions we might have first, and then flood the other person to turn the situation into a win-win for both. You could even mentally request the energy to do whatever is in the highest good for all the parties involved.

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