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Grounding Meditation using Earth’s Energy

Today’s article includes a simple ‘Grounding Meditation’ to help you connect with the Earth’s energy. It also provides interesting ideas on using Reiki in your daily life and shows you how to create a cocoon of positive energy for yourself and your loved ones.
Article by Patti DeschaineOne of my favorite ways to ground and connect to earth’s energy is to find a quiet place of meditation with my feet firmly planted. Here I visualize connecting down through the layers to earth’s core to the powerful energy there and bringing that energy up as a pure white light. Using Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki, mindfully with the intent to relax, I visualize the energy rising through my feet and up into my ankles, my shins, my knees, my thighs, my hips into my root chakra, my sacral chakra, my solar plexus, heart and throat chakras, into my third eye and crown chakra until the energy runs in a brilliant current throughout my whole being and out through my hands.
A tree receives nourishment much in the same way. It enters from the earth through the roots, flowing up through the trunk and branches. To take this analogy a step further, like earth’s energy flows through trees, nature and through us as practitioners, so Reiki healing flows through our lives and touches every aspect of it.Has Reiki had an effect on your relationships; your spouse, children or grandchildren? Whether others in your household are open to it or not, they are changed by the presence of healing energy. Look for improvement in your work or work relationships. Are you softer, gentler, more forgiving with your clients and coworkers?

Use the precepts in all areas of your life and you cannot help but improve relationships.

  • Just for today,
  • I will not anger,
  • I will not worry,
  • I will be grateful,
  • I will be kind,
  • I will do my work diligently
These cannot fail to resolve any situation, sometimes with immediate results and always with a loving, peaceful longtime prognosis.

Here are some ways you can bring Reiki into your life that you may not yet be utilizing

  • In your home, take the time to clear the energy in your home with a smudge. Enter every room with Reiki and fragrant sage and remove lower or negative energy. Use an affirmation such as, I cleanse this room of all lower energies and invite positive vibration. Call in your spirit guides, angels and ancestors to assist you. Place candles or colorful crystals in your home to create and hold positive energy.
  • Create a sacred quiet space where you practice Reiki without the distractions of television or other electronics.
  • At work, place crystals around you to inspire and protect you from negativity. Send Reiki to your phone and computer for positive interactions.
  • Fill your home with spiritual or inspirational books in or try angel or tarot decks to inspire and surprise you. Nothing can lift your spirits quite like drawing an angel card and realizing you really are not alone.
  • Use Reiki on your pets or the wild animals that live near you, deer, rabbits, skunks. In my yard in Maine, there was an abundance of snakes, of which I am not fond. By sending Reiki to the situation, I was able to live in peace and let go of my negative feelings toward them.
  • Send Reiki to your plants to help them grow and nourish your body by sending Reiki to your food.
When you leave the house do you bring your positive energy with you to share with bus drivers, cashiers, the UPS guy, your supervisor? Even if they don’t know why, people notice positive energy and are drawn to it. There are many chances to be helpful that present themselves in daily living. Your day will only be better when you make use of every opportunity to integrate Reiki into your life.  
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