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Feng Shui and Energy Clearing working Hand in Hand

The difference between a room before and after Space Clearing is Tangible. Rooms that have been cleared feel lighter and brighter, like a fresh spring breeze just whipped through your home. The air can seem so fresh and the lingering smell of these healing herbs can clear your head. You may notice a feeling of exhilaration.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing work in conjunction. In China, to clear a home of negarive energy ch’i energy a Taoist priest writes prayers on parchment paper then burns and mixes the ashes with salt and ceremoniously sprinkles the salt mixture throughout the home.

Space Clearing by a professional consultant is recommended before a move. Beforehand, if possible, do a complete cleansing of the home, walls, ceilings and floors.





Stagnant energy affects the health and welling of the occupants. Space clearing and bring in vital new life force into the building and home. Energy becomes lifeless, especially in corners of a room because energy travels in a spiral motion.


Ever walk into a room after there has been an argument. You feel very heavy, dense feeling that still resides in the room after the argument. This is an example of negative Ch’i and it can affect the wellness and health of anyone entering the room.


This is a good first step for Space Clearing. Removing clutter can help free restricted energy and things that have been weighing you down. After your done clearing the clutter, stand in the middle of the room, take a deep breath. See how great you feel.

Space Clearing is excellent to do before adding your feng shui.

Enjoy your Space.


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