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Fears and Phobias

Fears, Phobias and Can it be treated?

Fears and Phobias are among the most popular reasons people come in for Hypnotherapy.  In most cases Clients with Fears and Phobias will often have additional challenges including Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Anxiety, Grief and Loss.

It’s important to understand that fears and phobias are very real and very frightening.  The manifestations of fears and phobias may seem similar, but there is a huge difference on how each is formed and treated.

The easiest way to distinguish between a fear and a phobia is if the fear has an exact known origin, it is generally classified as a fear.

If the origin is unknown, it is generally classified as a phobia.

  • Definition of Fears – The primary cause of a fear is from a known factor. Generally, the client will be consciously aware of the specific incident that triggered the ongoing fear response.
  • Definition of Phobias – A phobia has no perceivable beginning. The “fear” the client is speaking of seems to have just started by itself




Most fears are established in childhood

Phobias often develop later in life – generally late teens to early adulthood

Fears are considered a “logical” threat, since the origin is known. This response is known as a “Rational Reaction”

They’re considered an “illogical” threat, since the origin is unknown. This response is known as an “Irrational Reaction”

Fear treatments utilize the Law of Reverse Action, which means the client will respond to the stronger part of the suggestion if the alternative presented is considerably weaker

The most common reason phobias occur is through the “Law of Association,” in which the client is experiencing anxiety and are often associated with low blood sugar levels, which also cause anxiety reactions

Common Fears – Fear of:

Loss, Rejection, Success, Failure, Pain, Exposure, Strangers, Sexual Performance or Intimacy, Poor Sports Performance, Responsibility, Animals (dogs, etc.), Insects (bees, etc.), Public Speaking

Common Phobias: “Fear” of:

Heights, Open places, Flying, Closed Places, Blood, Water, Dirt or Contamination, The Dark, Death, Strangers, Animals , Impending Danger (unspecified), Loss of Control

Main Tools for Treatment

There are four main tools for assisting our clients with their fears and phobias. Each involve trading the undesired reaction for another, more desired response.

Remember, we never take away something without replacing it.  If you are seeking help for fears and phobia, please feel free to contact us by booking a Consultation.  Just click the calendar icon at the top right corner.

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