Create With the Heart.  Build With The Mind!  Let the Energy Flow Like Water.

Ayurvedic essences to radiate love & find safety & belonging

Did you know that your body has an amazing built-in ability to metabolize everything that you experience in life?

Whether it’s the foods you eat, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, or what you take in from the world around you…
… your body is always digesting life as you experience it — and then using that energy to inform and power your overall wellbeing, and guide your steps out into the world.
As ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and now modern science attests, the quality of your health is largely governed by your ability to metabolize life in a way that positively nurtures your entire being. 
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Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, mentor, alternative medicine health Educator & Professional Star Gazer

​Today, I have found my life’s passion. reaching out my hand to others who are on or looking for the path of personal transformation. Nothing fills my heart more than to witness a soul releasing its pain, discovering it’s power and finding it’s purpose. That’s what happened to me and I would welcome the opportunity to witness it happening to you.

Through all of my senses. I see, hear, feel and know.


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